Why is my Hisense TV brightening and dimming on its own?

The automatic brightening and dimming of a Hisense TV can be due to eco mode, the backlight setting, the power-saving mode, or the software issues.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Turn off motion clearness and adaptive contrast: Go to Picture Settings, then Advanced Picture Settings, and make sure that motion clearness and adaptive contrast are turned off.
  2. Adjust eco mode and power-saving settings: From the power section under the settings, disable eco mode and all types of power-saving modes.
  3. Check for HDR and dynamic contrast settings: In most cases, turning off HDR and dynamic contrast settings may also help. So, check out this too!

If nothing works, you have two options only: update the software or reset the TV to factory settings.

First, check if there is any available software update for your TV.

If not, factory reset the TV.

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