Why is my Hisense TV not showing input signal?

There are several possible reasons why your Hisense TV is not showing input signal.

Here are some common solutions you can try:

  • Check if the HDMI cable is properly connected to both the TV and the source device. Make sure the cable is not loose or damaged. You may also try to use a different HDMI cable or port to see if that works.
  • Select the correct source on your TV using the remote control. Press the INPUT button and choose the HDMI option that matches the port you are using.
  • Restart your TV and the source device. Unplug both devices from the power outlet for a few minutes, then plug them back in and turn them on.
  • Update the software of your TV if there is a new version available. Go to Settings > System > About > System Update and follow the instructions on the screen.
Tip: In some cases, adjusting the display settings on both the TV and the connected device can resolve the issue. For example, consider changing the HDMI mode or adjusting the display resolution.

I hope this helps…

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