Why is Stremio not available in the Hisense TV app store?

There are two main reasons why Stremio is not available in the Hisense TV app store:

1) Hisense uses Vidaa OS

Most Hisense TVs run on Vidaa OS, which is Hisense’s own proprietary operating system.

Unlike Android TV or Google TV, which have open app stores, Vidaa OS is a closed system with stricter app approval processes.

This means that not all apps, including Stremio, are certified or allowed for distribution on the Vidaa app store.

2) Potential copyright issues

Stremio aggregates content from various add-ons, some of which may not have proper licensing for specific regions or content.

This raises potential copyright concerns for Hisense, which could be held liable for distributing such apps through their app store.

To avoid these risks, Hisense might choose not to include Stremio, especially considering the closed nature of Vidaa OS.

So how to get it on my Hisense TV?

There are several ways to get this but the most popular one is by sideloading.

For older Hisense TVs running Android TV, some users have reported success sideloading the Stremio APK file.

However, this method is more technical and might not work on all models, so proceed with caution.

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