Why won’t my Hisense TV let me use High Refresh Rate Mode?

This problem mainly happens due to the TV settings, HDMI input setup, or the TV model’s capabilities.

To fix this issue, first make sure your TV is connected to the right HDMI port that supports enhanced format or high refresh rates, like HDMI 3 or 4.

Then set the HDMI input format to “enhanced” mode.

On the other hand, if FreeSync or VRR is turned on on your TV, you will also not be able to use High Refresh Rate Mode.

So, turn off these features and check if it makes any sense.

Remember, the ability to use high refresh rate modes may vary based on your TV model and its compatibility with the connected devices. . Some TV models don’t support this at all!

If this is the case, there is no way to fix the issue other than upgrading to a TV with better hardware that can handle high refresh rates.

Hope this helps…

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