Hisense TV constantly booting back to the home screen

If your Hisense TV keeps booting back to the home screen, there are several reasons for this.

Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do if your Hisense TV keeps going back to the home screen:

Step 1) Power Tweaks

In the TV’s advanced settings, adjust the power mode to “on” instead of “standby” to prevent glitches during sleep mode.

Experiment with changing the sleep mode settings to determine if it affects the TV’s stability.

Step 2: Device Preferences and Home Screen Settings

Disable “Video Preview” under “Home Screen” in the device preferences.

Also, turn off “screenless mode” in advanced settings to prevent potential conflicts with Google Assistant.

Then ensure Google Assistant is turned off, and consider adjusting related settings under device preferences.

Step 3: App Management

Carefully observe which app is specifically causing the issue.

Is it Peacock, YouTube TV, Paramount, or something else?

If there are apps causing trouble that you think, consider removing or disabling them temporarily.

Step 4: Advertising ID Removal

Head to Settings > Device Preferences > About > Legal > Add > Delete Remove Advertising ID.

This might help resolve issues related to advertising ID conflicts.

Step 5: Firmware Rollback and Update

If the issues persist, consider rolling back to a stable firmware version (e.g., firmware 801) or contact Hisense to obtain a reliable firmware version.

Simply download the firmware file, copy it to a USB stick, and follow the provided instructions to update the TV.

Be aware that this is a temporary fix, and remember to turn off Wi-Fi to avoid automatic reinstallation of the problematic firmware.

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