How to disable Four Yellow lights on Hisense TVs?

The four yellow lights on Hisense TVs are related to the Google Assistant feature.

They indicate that the microphone is muted and the TV is not listening to voice commands. 

There are different ways to disable the lights, depending on your preferences.

Here is what to do:

  • On the front of the TV where the lights are glowing, there is a manual/physical switch. Simply locate that switch and then turn it off.
  • Then go into the app permissions settings and revoke Google from the microphone permission.

That’s it…

This will prevent the TV from listening to any voice input and also turn off those annoying four yellow lights.

Note that these methods may not work for all Hisense TV models, and the availability of these options may vary depending on your TV’s firmware version and settings.

If you are unable to disable the yellow lights using the above methods, simply use an electrical tape to cover the lights.

However, this may block the remote signal and may not be a permanent solution.

So, do it wisely…

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