Why does Hisense TV say “file format not supported”?

The “file format not supported” error on a TV can occur if the TV is trying to play a file with a format it doesn’t support.

Hisense TVs typically support a wide range of formats, but there are always some exceptions.

Here are the reasons and some possible solutions:

1) Incompatible file format

According to the Hisense TV user manual, the supported video formats are MP4, MKV, and AVI, and the supported video codecs are MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1.

If your video file is encoded with H.265, DivX, XviD, or other codecs, it won’t be able to play.

So, convert the video file to a supported format and codec.

You can use a media conversion tool or software to change the video file format and codec to match the specifications of your Hisense TV.

For example, you can convert the video file to MP4 with MPEG-4 codec, or MKV with MPEG-2 codec.

2) The video file is corrupted or damaged

Sometimes, the video file may be incomplete, broken, or infected by a virus, which can cause playback issues on your Hisense TV.

You can check the video file on your computer or another device to see if it plays normally.

Simply, try to repair the video file or download it again.

You can use a media repair tool or software like DiskTuna to fix the corrupted or damaged video file, or you can download the video file again from a reliable source.

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