How to fix a bricked TV? (2 Ways)

A bricked TV is one that does not turn on or display anything on the screen.

It usually happens when the TV’s firmware or software gets corrupted or interrupted during an update.

There are different ways to fix a bricked TV, depending on the model and the cause of the problem.

Here are some possible solutions:

Method 1: Use the TV’s recovery mode

Many TV’s have a built-in recovery mode to restore the previous firmware version or repair the corrupted firmware files.

Most of the time you can access it by pressing a combination of buttons on the remote or the TV itself.

For example, some Android TVs require you to press the OK and Back buttons simultaneously, while some Sony TVs require you to press the Volume Down and Power buttons to access this mode.

Simply check your TV’s manual and then restore the firmware accordingly.

Method 2: Replace the TV’s main board or flash memory

If the above solution doesn’t work, you may need to replace the TV’s mainboard or flash memory using a USB flash drive.

This is a more advanced and risky option.

Visit the manufacturer’s website, download the firmware file for your TV model, load it onto a USB drive, and then flash it to the TV’s memory.

That’s it…

But if you want to replace the entire mainboard, there you go

Why not reach out to the seller?

Contact the seller and have them fix it!

If your TV is still under warranty or you have a service plan, you can contact the manufacturer and request a repair or replacement.

They may be able to fix the TV remotely or send a technician to your location.

Additionally, check the manufacturer’s website for your TV model to see if there are any recall notices or software updates that may address the issue.

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