Why is my TV not turning on after a firmware update?

If your TV isn’t turning on, especially after a firmware update, it may be bricked.

“Bricked” is a condition of a TV where it doesn’t turn on or display anything on the screen.

It usually happens when the TV’s firmware or software gets corrupted or interrupted during an update.

However, here are the reasons for this:

  • Incomplete Update: If the update process was interrupted by a power outage or surge, it might not have been completed successfully, leaving the TV in an unstable state.
  • Hardware Issues: The update could have triggered a problem with the TV’s internal power supply. Or maybe the update corrupted the TV’s main circuit board. (It’s rare)
  • Corrupted Firmware: The update file itself might have been corrupted during download or installation, leading to the system brick.

The solution?

Well, in one of our previous articles, we discussed how you can fix your bricked TV in two methods.

So I don’t want to write it here again.

If you want to read that article, then follow this link.

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