How to stop Hisense TV from changing brightness?

A TV can change the brightness level automatically for various reasons but all of them are settings related.

If you simply adjust the settings like Dynamic contrast or turn off the HDR mode, the issue will be fixed.

Here’s what you need to do:

Turn off Dynamic Contrast and Eco Mode

Go to your TV settings and pick the Picture option.

Next, select Backlight and raise the brightness. On the same page, you’ll see an option called “Dynamic Contrast.”

Make sure to turn it off.

Afterward, go to “Eco Mode” or “Power Saving Mode” and switch it off to stop the TV from changing brightness based on the surroundings.

Turn off HDR and Reset Picture Settings

If you have HDR on, turning it off may prevent the settings from constantly changing.

If the issue still exists, try resetting the picture settings to their default values.

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