Is it possible to ignore Hisense TV update?

No, it is generally not possible to decline an update once it has been initiated. The TV will typically proceed with the update process once it has been triggered.

However, whether you can refuse a TV update depends on a few factors:

  1. Model and OS: Older Hisense models with proprietary operating systems often require mandatory updates. Newer models running Android TV or Google TV typically offer the option to decline updates.
  2. Update type: Critical security updates might not be optional, while optional feature updates usually allow you to decline.
  3. Update notification: The update notification itself might give you the option to choose “Later” or “Skip” directly.
  4. Forcefulness of update: Sometimes, updates might start downloading automatically and force themselves through.

So, check if there is any ‘Decline,’ ‘Not now,’ ‘Skip,’ or similar options available.

If not, it’s impossible to ignore the firmware update. You must proceed with it.

Hope it helps…

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Jerocia Mithila
Jerocia Mithila
4 months ago

thanks. but my TV had this option and it’s 2018 model