Why am I seeing “serial number is incorrect” error on Hisense website?

If you’re getting a “Serial Number is Incorrect” message on the Hisense firmware website, it can be confusing.

Here are some few reasons why this might be happening with your Hisense TV:

  1. System Updates Take Time: Hisense’s system may need a bit to update and recognize the serial number for newly bought devices. If you just got your TV, the website might not have added your serial number to its list yet.
  2. Register at the Right Time: When you register your product matters. If you try to get firmware updates right after getting the TV, the system might not have finished registering your TV yet.
  3. Database Synchronization: The website’s database may not be synchronized in real-time with the information from customer support. It could take some time for your TV’s serial number to be updated and recognized on the website.

Ok, what should I do now?

Well, the first thing to do is contact Hisense support.

Just give them a call and share your TV’s serial number so they can add it to their system.

Once you’ve provided the serial number, they’ll update their records with your TV’s model and make the right firmware available for your TV.

Now, just hang tight for a bit (it could be an hour or a day), and Hisense support will get back to you.

They’ll update their system and give you a link to download the file.

While you wait, keep an eye on the website to see if they’ve added what you need.

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