Why is Hisense TV crashing when connected to WiFi?

Several factors could cause a Hisense TV to crash when connected to WiFi.

Some possible reasons include software glitches, poor WiFi signal, or issues with the TV’s firmware.

I noticed many users reporting WiFi disconnection, freezing, and crashing issues, especially with certain models like the Hisense H9G and 65H6510G on platforms such as Reddit and various forums.

However, to address this issue:

  1. Check the internet connection: Ensure that the WiFi signal is strong and stable. You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi network to see if it resolves the issue.
  2. Clear the TV’s cache: Clearing the cache on your TV might help improve its performance and resolve issues related to freezing and crashing. Also, make sure to delete all the unnecessary apps.
  3. Firmware update: Make sure that your TV has the latest firmware installed. You can do this by going to the TV’s settings, selecting “About,” and then checking for any available software updates.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, your TV’s hardware is likely the problem.

Either the TV is old, or the mainboard is degrading.

Hope it helps…

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