Why is Hisense TV pixels randomly sharpening?

Actually, there is no official fix from Hisense for this issue!

However, there are some ways to address this problem that I found while surfing online for about 40 minutes.

I can’t guarantee they will work in your case. (Honestly)

Here’s what is it:

Disable the “Intelligent Scene” feature

Many, many users reported that disabling this solves the issue!

If you don’t know what is it, it’s a feature that automatically adjusts the picture settings based on the content you are watching.

But the reasons you might want to disable it is because, sometimes it causes some unwanted changes in the color temperature and sharpness of the image based on the environment.

So, turn this OFF.

Press the Menu button on the TV remote, select Settings, select Picture Option, and disable Intelligent Scene.

Also, make sure that the HDMI cable is firmly plugged in at both ends.

A loose connection may result in a distorted or pixelated image.

Nothing Worked! What to do?

If none of the above solutions work, it is possible that your TV has a defective panel that has dead or stuck pixels.

This is a hardware issue that requires professional repair or replacement.

Or contact Hisense and tell them to repair that f*cking TV. (Of course, your TV must have warranty coverage)

Hope this makes sense!

If you have any ideas or solutions, please share them in the comment section. It may help others too!

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