Why Streaming app keeps closing on Hisense TV?

This issue may occur due to full storage, outdated apps or TV software, internet connection issues, or a problem with the app itself.

Here are some things I would suggest you to try:

  1. Full Storage: Check if the TV’s storage is full. If it is, free up some space so the app can run smoothly.
  2. Outdated Apps and TV Software: Ensure that both the apps and your TV software are up to date.
  3. Internet Connection: Check the TV’s internet connection and consider upgrading to a faster plan if needed.
  4. App-Specific Issues: Try uninstalling the buggy apps that are causing the issue and then installing them again.
  5. Factory Reset: If you haven’t tried this yet, do this!

That’s it…

If the issue is still happening, reach out to the f*cking Hisense customer care and tell them to fix their f*cking TV.

Hope this makes sense!

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