Why won’t my LG TV accept my postcode?

This problem often occurs when you pick the wrong place in your settings, type in the wrong ZIP code, or if your TV has a weak internet connection.

First look at your TV’s location settings:

  • Press the Settings button on your remote.
  • Go to All Settings, then General.
  • Select System for 2021 WebOS 6.0 or later, or Location for 2020 WebOS 5.0 or earlier.
  • Now choose the correct country or region for your postcode.
Make sure your postcode is entered in the correct format for your region. For example, in the UK, it should be all uppercase with a space between the two parts (e.g., SW11 5RZ).

After that, head over to where the issue started and re-enter the postal code.

If the issue persists,

  1. Restart the TV.
  2. Update your TV’s firmware.
  3. Or maybe the LG server is experiencing temporary outages. Wait for some time, then try again.

Hope it helps…

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