ONN Android TV remote not Working (How to Fix)

If your ONN Android TV remote is not working, there are several potential reasons for the issue.

Some of the most common reasons are a temporary glitch, a software problem, or an IR issue.

Here’s exactly what you need to do:

Step 1: Check Batteries

This is the first step.

Ensure that the batteries in the remote control are not depleted. Replace them with new ones and make sure they are inserted correctly.

Step 2: Reset the Remote

Again, take out the batteries from the remote, wait for 30 seconds.

In the meantime, press all the buttons on the remote, especially holding the power button for about 10 seconds.

Once you are done, put everything back in and check if the remote is working now.

Step 3: Power Cycle the TV

Now is the time to look at the TV.

Disconnect the TV from the power outlet completely; similarly, disconnect all the HDMI-connected devices from the TV.

Wait for 5 minutes. During this time, press and hold the TV’s power button for about 20 seconds.

Once you are done, plug everything back in and check if the remote is working now.

What to do if the remote is working but not pairing?

Take the ONN streaming stick in your hand and look carefully.

You will see a small pairing button on the body.

Just take a paper clip and hold the button for about 5 seconds. A popup will appear. Now press and hold the “Back” and “Home” buttons on the remote for 5 seconds.

That’s it; your remote will get repaired.

Got any solution? Share it with us in the comment section.

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